H E A L   U S



This weekend I saw someone screaming and succumbing to a breakdown and an inability to go on mentally and physically.

Lord, I pray, mend this brokenness and renew their strength.

This heart rages, and breaks as they call out in cries to You.

What they expect, maybe even from me as an on-looker, is determined on their face.

They expected their life to go as they thought it should, and when it didnít, their scream for Your answer Dear Lord is earnest and impacting.

They do this even as Your plan, Your voice, Your answer, and You Yourself are mercifully all around them. 

They seek, and when there is no immediacy to what they seek, they burst out in attack, and they then go the way which is easiest for them, even as they go against what You direct O Lord.

As the Children of Israel continued to go astray even after Your Hand was so evident, Lord, this person too is lost in their direction and their heart.


But in the horror of this observation over the weekend, I realized this personís state of being is so like the struggle every one who believes in Jesus Christ fights daily in their own spirit.

I battle constantly the attack which Satan brings on my life.  I scream out at the load that is too heavy for me.  I break under the weight of decisions.  I cry out in surrender due to my weaknesses.

This weekend I observed my fight, my frustration, and my failures being made visible to me as I watched someone elseís own issues manifesting themselves into physical outbursts and uncontrollable mental surges.


O Lord, how I do relate.  How I do see my own plight.  How I do understand my weaknesses from these visuals set before me. 

My flesh is weak.  My mind is weak.  But Your Spirit is strong Dear Lord.

Heal us O Lord.

Mend our broken hearts.

Repair our own handís work and manifest Your love into our lives.

Anger, abuse, failures, disappointments, frustrations and bad decisions can be turned to Thy perfect good Dear Lord when You restore Your love and strengthen our faith.


Heal us O Lord. Heal us.


Amen and amen.



Heal Us by Ronhales                                                                                                                    Read:          Malachi 4:2

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