Birthday cakes donít make me feel old, full time jobs donít tie me down.

Sway back mules arenít made to be sold, and little girls never frown.

All roads are made to be traversed.  Peace is just resolved mayhem.

Waves of the sea canít be reversed, so, Iím off to Jerusalem.


Canít slide when the banister ends, canít play hide and seek alone.

If all these truths are just more trends, whatís the use of tapín a phone?

When the carpet dries, give a call, but donít cry out ďcrucify HimĒ.

Where are you in the mirrored hall? Iím headed to Jerusalem.


Crazy words in a crazy world? No sense in any of them.

Like weíre caught in a mighty swirl, so letís head to Jerusalem.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem, a city I canít figure.

The flowing river we swim, that grows smaller not bigger.


Into my life it rose to me, this city of love and peace.

From my heart I give to thee, a story of eternal feast.

For Jesus came to thee for me, as olive trees grow new limbs.

And the summer is to the tree, like Christ is to Jerusalem.


So hear and know this, you city, that Christ is your Messiah.

Accept Him or know no pity, fulfilled is the prophet Isaiah.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Godís Word brought forth one last time.

Hearts must ask Jesus into them, or pay evermore, sins crime.


For me the story must be told, that Jesus died for all sin.

Then rose to a city of gold, thatís why Iím headed to Jerusalem.

Iíve got to see where Godís great word will have knees bow to His Son.

On every ear His name be heard, for Jesus is back in Jerusalem.


Headed To Jerusalem by Ronhales                                                                                                                                            Matthew 21:10-11

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