H A R V E S T S    S O W N



Ow is the time of harvest.  And as one harvest is reaped, another is ready.  For the soil is prepared, the seed ready for sowing, and in Godís perfect timing and nurturing, another harvest is brought forth.  One harvest, then another.  Then another upon another.  Soon the harvest taker overtakes the ground preparer, and as the seed is sown, a harvest is reaped.  Side by side, time after time, again and again, the harvester works with the plowman.  And then, in the distance, perpetuated in the power of God, the two merge, and the Kingdom is seen being filled to the brim by harvests sown.  Barns built huge by a mighty God are over-flowing with the crops.  Moving forward, pouring into vats, Heaven is filled with produce from His hands.  And then, after that, is the celebration!  It will be done, we will have finished.  The work is concluded, the harvests are in, and now comes the feast.


Yes, the plowman and the harvester have joined in the accomplishment of God.  The time has ended.  The conclusion is complete.  Together they have finished.  The last harvest sown at Heavenís door.  This is by God, this is of God, this is through God, this is for God.  We are stored up in His Kingdom for His glory forever and forever, and the sower and the reaper completed their work together, at the same time, at the same place, and then, all enter into Godís prepared place of feasting arm in arm.


We are the Hearts of Harvest.  Some harvested to become seed, some became plowmen, some reapers, some to nourish and toil, but all, because of the hand of God, His Holy Spiritís empowerment, join in the feasting together.  Those left are but chaff.  There is no more gleaning the fields.  No more preparing of the land.  No more plowing, no more sowing of seed, no more laboring, no more reaping of a harvest.  All is done.  All is complete.  Godís work concluded.  And now, the Great Wedding Supper of The Lamb.


The harvester has harvested it all.  The plowman completed his work.  The planter has been given no more seed, and they all finished together.  Their race was run.  Together they complete it.  Together they finish it.  Harvests were sown, and now the work is done.  The laborers and those that benefited from the labor by reaping the toil, walk together.  The first becomes the last, and the last becomes the first.


No eye can fathom the expanse of souls.  These are the Hearts of Harvest brought into the Kingdom of God.  Hearts harvested because Godís love overwhelmed the world, and by His poured out Spirit, the plowman, the sower, the toiler, the nurturer, the reaper all became one, one in the body of Jesus Christ.  One body, one completion, one yielding, all work became one harvest, all planters merged with all harvesters as harvests were sown.


Praise God for His plan.  Praise God for His promise.  Praise God for His faithful completion. Praise God for His truthful Word.  Praise God for Harvests Sown.  And now, the Feast.



  Harvests Sown by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                                       Amos 9:13

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