H A N D I W O R K 






I ride upon Your sunrise with thanksgiving,

Praising Your creation seen below.

I am borne in the cradle of Your hands

As the day passes under me.

The sun sets under Your feet,

And the sparkling of the first star

Announces Your handiwork in the Heavens.

These are visions I see as

You gather me in Your presence.

I greeted the morning with praises

To the Creator, and as I

See the stars now in full flower before me,

I praise Him for the day given to me.

Your glory surrounds me,

Your creation envelops me,

The heavens are under Your feet,

And the universe is wrapped in Your arms.

I drift upon the praises to Your Name.

I am brought into Your sanctuary.

You show me this world

Which rests in a pool burning

With great fountains of flame that

Do not ignite or consume.

The rush of mighty waters are approaching,

And yet, Your Heavens and Your universe are unchanged.

Peace overwhelms me

Comfort supports me

Praises to Your glory encompass me

Your fullness folds me into Your Being.

The praises I raised up to You

Now enclose me within Your presence.

They endure me forever.

You endure forever.

Your grace locks me into

Your enduring presence forever.

Praise and glory to You dear Lord Jesus

From the beginning and unto forever. Amen!



  Handiwork by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                                            Jeremiah 23:24

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