Rippling onto a thousand shores, the wind and sea hand in hand

Like children playing on a hill

Rolling and falling without a care in the land.


Then separate they flee upon their way, the sea naps in peace and calm

While the wind frolics

A new quest it explores until it bursts on the dawn.


Hand in hand the clouds are brought, coupled together upon their track

Across the greatness of sky and sea

Until the mountains break their back.


To valley floors the rains released, a package from the crashing mist

Then hand in hand the waters flow

Pulled to the sea as off a shopping list.


Complete the cycle like a seed, for now a breath finds its faithful friend

And once again two are joined to one

Hand in hand the sea rolls to the mighty wind.


To this I pray, O Lord my God, breathe Thy breath of life upon me

Then hand in hand as a perfect word

Thy will for my life will surely come to be.



Hand In Hand by Ronhales                                                                                                                                         Psalm 98: 7-8

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