G U I L T   T R I P 


We build our roads in dirt and stone

Over the hills we conquer

The rivers we challenge with broken bone

And of the seas we ponder

Throughout the swamps we sink in sand

Then in the desert we slip

Like in this sinful life we land

Because of everydayís guilt trip


We push and pull against the threat

Without a clue to whatís wrong

Then run our conscience of regret

And sing our agonyís song

We can't do what's right in this life

And the bad we do so good

We seem to turn the best to strife

And donít succeed where we should


Itís all our fault we tell ourselves

Into the mirror we rip

But as the eye of the heart deeply delves

We see itís just another guilt trip


We have built our road all alone

This road made from guilt and shame

Is there nothing that will atone?

Must I carry all the blame?


I cry out from this life of sin

ďO God, remove Satanís grip!Ē

and He enters His faithful plan to win

Which has taken me off this guilt trip

Now sin and shame is washed away

In the blood of Jesusí name

For Heís the One who came to say

ďInto my hands lay your blame.Ē


Onto a road Iíve never known

Jesus Christ has lifted me

 And out of this lifeís guilt trip there has grown

A journey where He did set me free


  Guilt Trip by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                    Psalm 85:8

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