An army hidden on this rocky bluff,

A rain forest of vines covering them in the crags.

Donít approach, they are not what it seems.

Their secrets are tips of arrows,

Even though they are dressed in rags.


From beyond the shadows of damp and dreary,

These guardians of darkness

Wait patiently to attack on the trail.

In seclusion their plan is forged,

Then suddenly they pounce, they devour,

They lift their victims to Hell.


These demons are found in darkness,

Shrouded in hangings of innocence all around.

Donít be fooled if you walk their path,

You too will be captured, trapped,

And buried with the worms in the ground.


Shun evil, avoid the darkness,

Do not allow the depths of sin to capture

And destroy your soul.

Know the Light, and stay in the Light.

The Light of the world is Jesus Christ.

Let Him be the Guardian of Your Soul.


Guardians Of Darkness by Ronhales                                                                                                              Psalm 10:9

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