G O N E 


Some days I find that the wind wisks by,

And in an instant,

It wrapped its arms about me,

Then cradled me within its grasp.  Then, it is gone

I look into the sky of clouds

And see creations

That I recognize,

Turning, moving, recreating

A familiar face, figure,

Or scene.  Then, it is gone

The tide waters move a wave toward the shore,

And I watch as it gathers its strength,

Building and rising and exploding

Into countless droplets,

Scattered and running across the sand.   Then, it is gone

Life is similar.

Life is like a touch on the skin.

Marked for an instant,

A testimony of the touch,

Then nothing.

No evidence left

That anything ever occurred.

But God is eternal.

He is everlasting.

His reign will never end.

Our lives are like the wind that is here,

Then is gone.

Or like the vapor in air that is here,

Then vanishes.

Or like a wave that is seen,

Then departs into nothing.

Our life is but a touch on eternity.

Take hold of this fleeting life,

Merge it into eternity.

It can be done only through God.

Accept Him. Take hold of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Godís Kingdom is prepared. It is never changing.

Enter into it with Jesus.

Come fulfill your created purpose.

Find Jesus Christ and He will never depart.

Join with Him for an eternal life.

Life with Jesus is forever.

It will never be gone.


Gone by Ronhales                                                                                                                                          Mark 13:31

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