Golden Dragons on that hill, O so far they seem.

Masters in their territory, like the glistenings on a stream.

Crouched and coiled from slumber to wake,

They gather together, in war they’re about to make.

Listen to their tone, innumerable their count,

Rattling and clattering, joined as one, upon this given mount.


Purposed for this day, created for this time,

Alone they waged their battles, but now they war for Satan’s crime.

Haunting in their glory, nostrils flaring with fire,

Poised to loose their readiness, against souls purchased from their buyer.

An ode to these Golden Dragons, for no longer will they appear,

Today they’ve joined together, and into red become one, I fear.


From a hiding place they grew, and with many spoils became strong,

Now a testimony of evil, they’ll make what’s good, as examples of wrong.

The Dragon has been loosed, the might of all sin released,

Armies have formed into one, and away comes a mighty, Terrifying Beast.

His deception is near, devouring all nations His purpose.

Committing this world to sin and Hell, a place totally void of Christ Jesus.


Who is the King?  Who holds the glory of God in His Hands?

Who will devour this dragon?  After all is over, who will it be that stands?

Golden Dragons once on a hill, O so far they once seemed.

But now a Red Dragon approaches, a nightmare, of a nightmare dreamed.

From Heaven the answer, a response of the Word of God.

The Dragon is bound for the pit, crushed is the head of this fraud.


Glory in Christ Jesus, for the Eternal King reigns,

Gone the dragons on the hill,

Replaced by Christ’s own

Chosen Beings.


  Golden Dragons by Ronhales                                                                                                                          Revelation 12:3-4

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