G O D' S    P L A N




A fire in the valley is burning,

See the smoke against the hill.

The cries of the mourning are calling,

This can not be Godís will!

Across the sky the dark cloud lunges,

Shadows of the desperate fall,

And the hope of the dying plunges,

Doesnít God hear their call?


Beyond the boundaries the fire races,

The bells for many will toll.

Is the cry unheard as death blazes,

Not saved a single soul?

Oh, to God we must receive our strength.

His plan is beyond our sight.

Within these flames our hope shall not sink,

For our faith knows God is right.


To the Kingdom of Heaven ponder,

Godís plan is mighty and full.

Left to ourselves we search and wander,

But Godís plan remains full.

So have no doubt when fire or death flows,

God is God forever.

And as the valley burns and hills glow,

Godís plan never fails,

No never.



Godís Plan by Ronhales                                                                                                                                        Isaiah 46:10

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