G O D    R E M A I N S


In the framework of the window, outlined by the new morning’s sky,

The hawk stretches its wings and glides in the path of the invisible trail.

With what ease does he soar!  What security and comfort he enjoys!

He becomes the way of words written for peacefulness and strength.

Eyes look to the majesty of his flight, the power of his wings conquers the earth.

He is gorgeous in his mighty realm.

Yet, in time he folds his wings and lays in death among the rocks.

His pride vanished, the praise he rode gone, he’s no longer remembered.

Where is your greatness living angel,

Where is your cry across a mighty kingdom,

Where is your enduring sight?


Many majesties reign, innumerable princes govern,

Kings and thrones rule,

But they all succumb and vanish among the rocks.

What good is their vane?

What worth their wealth?

 What power their scepter?


But God is God!

His life never ends.

His power never seeps.

His promise never dies.

All creatures and man alike will pass.

All flying things, all mighty sea creatures, all beings that are on the earth

Will succumb and lay dead in the rocks,

Still God remains.


Worship the Living Lord.

Find His Way through Jesus Christ.

Glorify Him and He will give eternal life.



God Remains by Ronhales                                                                                                                     Read:          Psalm 36:5

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