G O D    O N L Y





It overcosts me!  The cost of my life is not worth the price!



You calculate incorrectly!

For what is the cost for eternal life?

You could never pay it.

All you could ever obtain, can not pay for being in eternity.

You shout that the price is too high, yet you can not even count the cost.

And if you could, it is lost with your first sinful thought.

No person can purchase eternal life.

No man can gain the price for entering eternity.

God only allows entry.

God only knows the price.

And God only can pay the price.

Seek Him for entry. Seek Him for eternal life.

His cost is high, too high for you.

It is all you have, all you are.

Your life, your soul, your spirit.

But through His Son, Jesus Christ, the cost is paid.

Your price redeemed.

His life was given for you.

Your entry is guaranteed.

Believe on the salvation of Jesus Christ!

Confess your sins and lay them at His feet.

Ask Him to forgive you, and turn from your sin.

Then, receive Jesus into your heart, and receive the price of eternal life.


I am so ignorant!

Yes, it overcosts me.

But God only can pay the price He has set for entry into His Perfection, His Kingdom.

I will accept His fee, I will accept His price, I will accept the sacrifice of His Son for me.

It is by God only that my price is paid.

God only has paid the cost.


Praise the Lord for His price, His cost,

His payment, His Son, Jesus Christ.

Praise the Lord!



  God Only by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                                 1 Peter 1:18-21

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