If I pray for God to correct my faults

How can I be upset when He does?

If I ask my Lord to show me His way

And it changes my path

How can I go wrong?

If I accept Godís Word

And I stand disciplined for things not improved

How can I weep and not rejoice?

God changes me

He lifts me from the low places

Taking me from my way of sin

He sets me on the proper path

And boarders me in

Heíll cast off my routines of flesh

And comfort me in my struggles.

God changes me

God is changing me

If I call out for help and God

Takes me from where I am

How can I pity myself?

If I desire to be broken

By Godís overwhelming love

And He breaks me all over

How can I regret?

If I draw Him close to me

And my evil ways retreat

How can I look back and wonder?

God changes me

He Molds me and shapes me

Into His new creation

He clothes me with His own robe

He removes all signs of where I was

God changes me

God is changing me

To stay the same is not growing

And I want to grow in God

God is changing me

To complain when I receive

Is not rejoicing for what He is doing in me

For He is changing me

God is changing me

God is changing me



God Is Changing Me by Ronhales                                                                                                  Read:          Zechariah 3:4

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