I love by the way you touch me,

I love Thy mercies so,

In the skies you are evident,

In the way You turn the earth,

All Thy blessings flow.



Glorious is Your fellowship,

The wonders of Your worth of me,

The oceans know of You,

And the rivers of rain wash over all,

As Your hand is upon the sea.


The Glory of God is in me,

His glow I portray,

The value of who He is,

Is in me in everyway.


I am the glow of God,

All things He has bestowed,

His mercies and His glory,

His wealth of Him I show.


I am the glow of God,

Christ Jesus shines in me,

I am the glow of God,

And there is no mystery,

All of who God will have us be,

Is known by His Son Jesus setting us free.


By His Son Jesus in me,

I am the glow of  God.



Glow Of God by Ronhales                                                                                                                             Read:          Galatians 2:20

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