G L O R Y  




The hay bales scattered and brought into a row

        The garden laid out but in need of a hoe

The rain showing its worse on a darkened pond

          While the sprinklers scurry across a lush lawn


They sit on the deck with their Bible in hand

Remembering God's grace that gave them His land

Eyes behold and their lips move in silent prayer

Giving thanks to the way Jesus brought them there


From destitute and famine they entered here

It was a miracle, thatís certainly clear

Nothing but Godís Word in hand and in heart

They came here with His promise for a new start


The war is fought with the battles ongoing

But no prize is reaped without the blood sowing

Jesus Christ gave into death so that we live

The crimson red on this land proves what He did


And from the dead to life again, He conquered

In order that my sins to Him are referred

No, the price on this land was not cheaply paid

Yet thatís the worth of every life that was laid


Their fingertips touch as they ponder the past

Now be ye received into glory at last

Into a new land they come, from struggle no less

But glory now, for on earth God did bless


Glory by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                                                    Matthew 26:28

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