In the trees were lemons, but sweet and ripe were they.

And to the hills I saw the sculpted rocks, which were so perfectly laid.

High above, a colored scarf was stretched before my eyes,

Then painted off the horizon, were brushed rays of sun upon the sky.

And where cactus plants flowered, a wonder of desert heat,

Critters scurried across the sand, finding their royal seat.

To a waterís drop, whole fields of grain were grown,

Then to a reaperís tool, a harvest brought from where only rock was sown.

O glorious desert

O blessed desert

Youíre the beauty within this land

For from your nourished depths

Is raised a feast for every man

Colors beneath the sand are unlocked to the heart,

But wanderers who fail to stop, miss such blessings before they start.

With a glance the desolation can not be changed,

Only in searching does the harshness reveal a treasure to be claimed.

Such is our passing lives, which we seem to bury within,

Only forbidden nothingness, unless God, somehow, is let in.

So in His Son, Christ Jesus, we want to lay claim,

Then to Godís judgment, we will be released from any of sinís blame.

O glorious desert

O blessed desert

Such a beauty to be revealed

For as water makes you flourish

So Jesus came to heal

Find the sweetness of otherwise bitter tastings.

Unveil the colorful of bland and dreary paper tracings.

Set out the finest from boxes hidden in drawers,

And uncover the prettiest that was never meant to be stored.

Jesus conquered all and has turned deserts to oasis,

His life He gave in order to replenish our fruitless places.

The desert is a thing of richly flowing beauty,

So uncover its treasure, and see Godís Hand given so lovingly and purely.

O glorious desert

O blessed desert

Such a rarity to be found

For as we stop and search

The gem of Jesus will be our gown




  Glorious Desert by Ronhales                                                                                                                                       Psalm 119:162

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