I started noticing written expressions in poetic form shortly after beginning my journaling in 1998.  Among the praises and stories that I lifted to Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior of my life, were phrases, lyrics, psalms, and glories that raised words to Heaven on high.  As I worshipped the Lord, being filled by His Holy Spirit, I wrote down my heart’s feelings, bringing fullness to each page, notebook after notebook of what I had entitled A Journey of Praise To Jesus Christ-A Living Passage.  Soon I began to share some of these love expressions to God with other people.  Soon I was typing the writings out of the journal and printing them onto designer paper and framing them, presenting beautiful Christian “wall-hangers” to my friends.  By now I realized that the Lord had given me a gift, and an evangelical ministry.  In faith I wrote what I saw as a praise in this created world.  All things are created by God, and all things praise Him.  I saw those praises coming from everything I viewed, and I wrote down the first thing in my mind regarding the praise.  Then, after the first line was written, I saw more praises and I wrote them into words.  After the second line was written, a third line came in the same way.  From what I saw, I wrote line after line of praises to our Heavenly Father.  A poem, psalm, lyric, or phrase was born.  I believe it is a gift of God to reveal Himself to us.  Within that mighty gift, I believe He has given me words which will allow us to see and hear praises to Him.  His creation is full of praising, my writings are not even a fraction of that which goes to Him every moment of every day.  But in praise to my Lord and Savior, I write.  In praise to my God I read His Word and place a scripture verse on each written expression which becomes a pointer into His Word, The Holy Bible.  In praise to Jesus Christ I journey with Him through this life, and in praise to The King, I offer up these writings as a living passage to His redemptive grace.  In Jesus I am saved.  By Him I am redeemed.  May each reader be drawn into God’s Word through these writings, and may hearts be blessed.

These are the verses I have placed in my heart and in the front of each new notebook:

Deuteronomy 6:4-9

Revelation 19:7

Luke 8:5-15

Exodus 23:27-30

John 4:36-37

Amos 9:13

Hebrews 4:12-13

Psalm 126:6

I encourage every reader to review these verses and allow the Holy Spirit to touch your life.