F O U N D A T I O N S 


Beyond the haze, into the foggy mist,

Through the smoke of the burning rubble,

A sight becomes radiant,

A picture of hope is built.


See His tower as it rises,

His bridge as He expands His hands of trust:


“Come unto me and I will care for you.

The smoke of your burning has reached me

In the highest Heaven.

Your cry has touched my ears.

I am your God, and have answered your prayers.

See the rebuilding of your faith

As the skies clear and the smoke is lifted.

My foundation is never shifted,

Can never be challenged.

Come and stand on me, my structures that I have built.

 My foundations are secure,

My word is the truth.”


Do not cover His tower ever again with the veil of sin,

With the cloud of evil, or the shadow of


Brush off the dust of the rubble of our destruction

And accept the everlasting promise of God,

A life eternal through Jesus Christ the Lord.


Together, we become one in the Body of Christ.

Together we are reborn and provided a newness

Without corruption.

His River Of Life flows through

His newly created land, open to those who believe.


Come unto Him.

He is our Hope, our Savior, our Redeemer,

Our God.

Our God in whom we trust.


Come unto Him.


Come unto Him.


Foundations by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                         Psalm 144:2

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