F O R E S E E N 




Nothing is done, planned, or foreseen,

That hasnít already been finalized

And concluded for the worship of God

Through Jesus Christ.


All things are to His end,

And His end is never-ending

When the accomplishment of Christ Jesus is,

Through faith,

By His own promises,

Found in His Word, The Bible,

Believed and accepted by

His saving grace,

Brought to us day after day,

And seen everlasting. 


Our lives are foreseen

In Jesus Christ

As life eternal,

Reigning with Him in glory.


Foreseen in His grace,

For worship of Him

In His Kingdom,

Are we.


Hallelujah to the Name of the Lord.



  Foreseen by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                                  Psalm 33:13

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