The Temple of the Holy Spirit                                                            In our flesh resides the Word, The Rock,

The building of The Solid Rock                                                         The Corner Stone, The House of

In a fleshly body.                                                                                The Holy Spirit.

The Word of God is so eternal.                                                          The Holy Spirit reside in us,

The Word is Jesus Christ.                                                                  And as God resided in the Temple

Jesus Christ, the foundation of our faith,                                        When He was on the earth, so now

The Corner Stone of our eternity.                                                    The Holy spirit resides in His Temple,

The Holy Spirit is the breath of life                                                 Our fleshly body.

Of Jesus Christ in us.                                                                        Once men of flesh entered a place of stone

We are the dwelling place of                                                         To face God.  Now, The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit.                                                                               Enters His Temple in flesh,

                                                                                                         Which is built of Stone and Rock

                                                                                                        Through Jesus Christ.


Take away the hearts of stone                                                        Stone to flesh, then flesh to Stone.

And let the only stone in us be                                                      Godís foundation in us.

That Stone which The Temple                                                       Soften your hearts to the Word of God,

Of The Holy Spirit is built upon,                                                  Jesus Christ, and establish a Temple of Stone

That of Jesus Christ.                                                                    And of The Rock that forevermore will

Turn stone cold hearts into flesh                                                Unite us with the Creator of All,

So that a Stone Temple of The                                                     God Almighty.

Holy Spirit can be established.                                                    The place where the Holy Spirit will dwell

Stone to flesh, then flesh to Stone,                                            Will be the strength of Jesus Christ,

The only process for eternal life.                                                The Corner Stone, and The Rock of

A dichotomy of extreme proportion,                                         Foundation that all of eternity rests.

A mystery to be understood only

By faith.


Build Your Temple in me, O Lord!


 Flesh To Stone by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                        1 Corinthians 6:19

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