Fish in a pond

How often they’re admired

Surrounded by beauty, cared for and treated with love

Nothing left to be desired


Fish in a pond

Joined by the sounds of water

Flowing over the rocks, tumbling down the many falls

Always cool, never hotter


To be like that

No worries and truly free

Going around all day in a 3-demensional world

Sometimes I wish that was me


Of course there’s more

For we don’t see all things at work

The dangers that always are, the enclosures that limit

See the hook that gives a jerk?


Fish in a pond

Is sometimes how we see life

In our own little pool with no regard for others

Kidding ourselves about strife


We can’t be fish

We must be who we’re to be

In this world made by God where He has a plan for us

Which includes eternity


Just step on up

Meet the Son of God today

And take your rightful place, to be a fisher of men

Is His desire for our way


Know Jesus Christ

And join in His loving bond

For we are His chosen, delivered and separated

From any fish in a pond


Fish In A Pond by Ronhales                                                                                                                     Philippians 4:4

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