F I R E 





A wall of fire flows from the falls.

Over, it tumbles,

Into a pool of scorching heat.

Once quiet and still,

A mouth now vomits its call.

A tide rushing forward

To take hate and lies

From a formidable cheat.


Dormant some say it lay, even extinct.

But startled to allís alarm,

It lashes out its fate.

Resting in beauty, a calm so distinct,

Then in true nature,

Opened to a rushing stormsí flood gate.


Nothing can stand,

Everything is burned.

All is consumed.

Ash left from the wave.

The pool uncontained.

In judgement concerned.

While its fingers reach into

The hidden places of a cave.

No plea is heard.

All is lost.

Changed forever.

Never to return the same.

This is the price.

This the cost.

When from the Book Of Life,

Blotted out, is your name.



Fire by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                       Psalm 9:5

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