F E L L O W S H I P  



O Lord, raise up Thy fellowship

Of the church;

Give me countenance through

Praising Your Name

And devoting myself

To Thy Word.


Uplift Your Bride

Dear Jesus

Through prayer and supplication;

Teach me Your way

And establish Yourself

Within our hearts.


Prepare our hearts, our minds,

Our souls, O Lord;

Prepare us to withstand against the foe,

The enemy, who is Satan;

Make us battle ready

As we put on the armor of God

And are supplied in strength

By the Holy Spirit.


Build us together through

Fellowship, O Lord,

Together drawing us near to You

As the Bride presented to the Groom;

Let Your countenance become mine,

As I become part of You, O Lord,

Through fellowship.


  Fellowship by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                                          Matthew 18:20

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