F E E D   Y O U R   S H E E P



Feed all Your sheep O Lord

Care for all Your little ones

Protect those that follow You and trust Your guidance

Then we will be comforted

Then we will be secure

Then we will not wander

Our faith will keep us near You

Your love will nourish us

The promise we have in You will prevail


Choose me O Lord to follow You

Appoint me to Thy Kingdom

Install me as Your elect

Then I will praise Your name forever

Then I will worship You

Then we will never be separated from You

In faith I will remain

Your love will sustain us

All your promises have proven to be true



I know You O Lord, I believe You are real

I have faith You are God Almighty

And I will follow You because I know You

And I will be secure because I believe

And because I have faith in You I praise Your name

And announce that Your promise is true and it comforts me

And gives us life eternal


So I will feed Your sheep,

And through Your strength I shall care for Your little ones

And because of faithfulness we will be guided and protected as we trust in You


Praise the name of God Almighty, Praise the name of Jesus.



Feed Your Sheep by Ronhales                                                                                                         Read:          John 21:17

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