Familiar faces portrayed by this familiar foe

And familiar places used in his attacks of gloom and woe


Dreams mostly is where a shape is conceived                                            but no bullet which strikes, and no knife which

by this wandering spirit of fear and anxiety,                                                sinks, has any effect on this Demon of 


Attack!  Then attack again.  Then a continued                                           They rush forward, gather again, rush once more,

onslaught, wave after wave from these demons                                          and on and on they attack in their deathly

of dreams.                                                                                                Devilish schemes.


Put back by faith, and scattered as the name                                             Walls donít protect, doors donít close out,

Of Jesus is cried out, but they reinforce                                                     fleeing doesnít escape their persistence of

for another run.                                                                                        nightmarish fun.

Disguised in a fantasy, deceiving in a                                                        With lust, our flank is left unguarded,

sexual ploy, the dream becomes a                                                            then hopelessness crashes our front

battleground to take us captive.                                                                and back line of defense we had kept


Escape closed off, our weapons useless,                                                  Am I fallen?  Am I overtaken?  Am I

our cries unheard, we fall prey to these                                                    conquered and surrounded in complete

Devils unyielding pursuit.                                                                         destitute?

Wake me O Lord!  Snatch me from this                                                   But even in waking, I realize the battle

lost fight that I fight!                                                                                doesnít end, the scene just moves into

                                                                                                               day and out of the night.


Dropping into obscurity and changing                                                       Being unseen changes nothing of our

from familiar faces and places, these                                                        battle plan.  We still want total victory,

Demons are still about.                                                                            total destruction of the familiar foe,

                                                                                                                a total route.

Put on the armor of God and in an                                                            Then daily travails and nightly dreams see

instant the battle is turned.                                                                        Satan and his demons cast into fire and

                                                                                                                totally burned.


Gone are the conjured spirits of those we                                              Destroyed is the war of our mind and defeat of our spirit,

thought we knew.                                                                                 And even though we may walk through the camp and face prepared attacks,

Gone are the useless ways and means                                                   We must not fear it.

to ward off this old feud.

Our strength starts and stops with Jesus,                                                 Battles may endure, but Jesus protects

The war is His victory.                                                                            and shields us with His sanctity.

No more devilish onslaughts, no more fearsome battles from our familiar foe.

Jesus has covered us with His eternal armor, and the victory is ours,

where ever we go.


Familiar Foe by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                   Job 33:15

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