So many times, the same great scene,

Never fading from view.

Over and over, never worn,

Giving its beauty to so few.


I throw myself, and cling upon,

The lasting gleam of its tide.

The strength of its light never dims

The dressing of the bride.


Unto none, a faded view

Of such a priceless scene.

Unto all a doorway clear,

By a pathway’s lighted stream.


Come in and don’t delay,

The great gates are slowly closing.

Soon to pass the chance to enter,

Be of those few chosen.


Wall to wall and stone to stone,

All preparation made.

Heed the cry and turn an ear,

See to what’s been prayed.


Christ the Groom has called us all,

Stands His scene invited.

But too soon, as He has said,

Be His Bride, or from Him be divided.



Faded View by Ronhales                                                                                                                                               John 7:37

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