Coming down the building is the light of morningís dawn,

Stretched as a painting flows,

The sun glows like shimmering bronze.

Then as a well-planned thought,

The buildings play out their scene,

Reflecting all the majesty of each and every sun beam.

Will this forever be until the end of days,

And then the glow of red appears,

like the heat from a red-hot blaze?



Man has purchased his own farewell,

But God unfolds the true tale to tell.

For fire will consume all the handiworks of man,

And only that which is built for eternity will stand.

So let your eyes feast now on the brilliance of the metal towers,

For soon all things will pass,

Except Godís Word and His everlasting powers.



  Everlasting Powers by Ronhales                                                                                                              Luke 21:33

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