E S C A P E 


The clouds of darkness envelop me.

          I am surrounded in turmoil.

                   Fear grips at me,

                             While disaster screams in my ear.

I am deaf

I am blind,

As imminent

Destruction spins

All over, around me.

I succumb to doom.  Am I screaming?

I cannot know!      It is too much!

Who can rescue me?

What is this light?

Who is this that appears?

He is the Light!

He is the Door!

My escape is sure!


From this place He guides me and directs me.

Jesus Christ is my path.

He came into darkness, and gave me Light.

He came into my destruction,

and made an escape.

He calmed the turmoil as He took my hand.

I go with Him.

He is the Light unto my feet

And the Arm of Direction.

The cloud of darkness

Drops at my feet,

And as smoke,

It vanishes away.

Jesus Christ has set me free!

Honor, and glory, and power

To His Name!


Jesus Christ is Lord!


Escape by Ronhales                                                                                                                            Acts 26:18

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