E O N S    O F    T I M E



Waters moved and waves crashed at one time in this basin,

And where Blackbirds now dart, Seagulls were once the fashion.

Over these parched lands a nation of fisherman reigned,

And seas teeming with life was their harvest and gain.

But in the twinkling of a star that brilliantly shines,

A mirage in the desert is all thatís left from eons of time.


Forests of mighty trees covered these surrounding hills,

And shelters for men they made to guard from winterís chills.

Warmth given from the wood burning on an evening fire

Was also a signal light seen on the sea for miles.

But in the twinkling of a star that brilliantly shines,

The dust trails of devils are all that rise across these eons of time.


The life of man is so fragile to a twinkling star,

In a few years he conquers, then is just a scar.

And in view of eternity the stars are nothing more,

For over time they too will be just a piece of folk lore.

But God in all His glory continues without change,

Time is only a creation to Him who made all things.


In a timeless change Heaven and Earth will pass away,

And manís presence will be but a touch of the windís play.

A mirage in the desert is all our life will be,

Or maybe a dust trail left by something we canít even see,

But under that twinkling starís purposed shine,

Life in Jesus can give eternal meaning to the endless eons of time.



 Eons Of Time by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                                                    Luke 21:33

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