An amazing morning, this morning.

The sun way up already.

The traffic bustling, the people working,

The sleep long gone from the weary day of yesterday.

All of us who are here have passed the drag of getting up.

What an energy boost, when we realize the morning expands into a full day!

No longer weary, no longer dragging,

And no longer burdened with the start of the day,

We move with excitement toward every mission before us today.


Sing oh bright heart, shout out exhilarated spirit, lift up my glorious soul!

Celebrate!  Let us celebrate!  Celebrate today!

Today is here, today we join and announce that Today is here!

Waited for, we’re now there.  Prophesied, we now live it.

All else left behind, we have now found Today.

Not just today as an ordinary day, but Today, as in a place to celebrate God!


Thank God for Today, this place, this time, this life.

Today, we enter Today.

All is passed, all is finished.

We enter Today, today.

Thank the Lord for His preparation, His promise, His own self.

Christ Jesus is here today, and without His sacrifice there is no Today.

Praise the Lord!  Today is here today!

We enter Today, today.

And in that, let us celebrate,

For we enter Today, today.



Enter Today, Today by Ronhales                                                                                                                 Read:          Hebrews 4:9


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