“Do I know you?”, was asked as the two passed.  “Are you from Galilee?”  Summoned, He stopped and waited patiently as the other decided to seek or to go. 


In that short distance between them, a life passed.  Flashing before each was an entire life of issues.   Every wrong ever done flipped frame by frame.  Every broken commandment was revisited in an instant.  Everything ever done in the dark was now brought to light.  Every hidden secret was made public.  Nothing was left unknown, everything ever in the life of the one who had spoken, then stopped, turning to see Him, was revealed.  Every word, every whisper, every action, and every thought was instantly uncovered there before them.

He waited patiently for the other, whose life was revealed, to make the next move.  He knew all about that life before Him.  It was poured out between them.  All things were known to Him, there were no secrets.  There was nothing left uncovered.  Opened before Him were all things from all time.  But He waited for a response from the one whose life was exposed.

The distance between the two was only a few feet, but it seemed as miles, yet, at the same time, it seemed to have shrunk to nothing, merging their minds, their hearts, their soul, and their spirit.

In a second of time, years encompassed them.  In a thought, the creation of one life was now converged into the space before them.  Between their bodies, as their eyes bridged all which now poured out at their feet, every breath ever breathed in the life opened was once again expelled.


He had turned and stopped.  His look was burning, but it did not drive away.  It cast a yearning which wanted the other to draw closer.  There was a desire to hold, caress, listen, and become involved with Him.  It overwhelmed the encounter.  And the desire of love was drawn out into the open.  Intense was the passion to close the gap between the two.  But He waited.

Being exposed, the other suddenly knew condemnation, but instead of fear, there was forgiveness waiting, there was comfort here, there was release from all shame and all burden carried so long of all sin.  “Forgive me” said the one who had spoken before.

Waiting they watched as all the past life which had been unveiled before them now drained away.  Nothing of old remained.  Everything was new.

“May I go with you?”, the one who had spoken before now asked.  And as their hands met, they joined together and then it was realized, this was no chance meeting, this was no mere encounter of strangers, this was a search concluded with the recovery of one lost.


Together, arm in arm, they walked.  “Thank you my Lord.  Thank you for coming for me.  Thank you for finding me.”  And in speaking for the first time, He answered me, “My child, your search has found the one you seek.”


Encounter by Ronhales                                                                                                                                         Read:          Proverbs 8:17

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