He was born under a great star,

Bit there were no shepherds

or kings that came from afar.

And his birth had not been foretold,

For his prophets knew

only of sacrifices from old.

This life was of the savage way,

Blood of man spilled

On an altar to a god of clay.

Raised in the temples of darkness

His manhood came from

The abominations unblessed. 

He ruled with money and by pride,

In tasks, allowing only his wealth

To be his guide.

But the palaces he had built,

Could not give the right

Pleasure to rid him of his guilt.

What he had hoped was lost to him

For all these stone images could

Not forgive the sin.

Empty, he left all he had gained.

Even his tomb in which, after life,

He would have reigned.  

Wandering he sought life anew.

Then he saw a man, from which

Around Him a crowd grew.

Who is this that teaches new life?

The Son of God?, The Savior?,

Or Redeemer of Strife?

He followed Him from a distance,

This man that performed wonders

And spoke to magnificence.

And questioned why, when He was

Seized, for this man, Christ, is

Innocent and should be believed.  

From the masses he cried aloud,

But his wealth and riches meant

Nothing within this crowd.

He received Jesus, Son of God,

And realized that by Him,

And only Him, sin is trod.

He was once a savage of sin,

But from Jesus Christ he was

Forgiven and freed within.

The death of Him, he could not bare,

A savage death, a savage death,

Did no one care?

A savage way of life he came,

To end at a savage death

To the one of God’s Name.

As Joseph had given up his tomb,

He too had a place which was left

For a day of gloom.

No longer needed however,

For that place of death was

Given to Christ forever.

But now he heard the women cry,

“the stone was moved”, and

the body no longer did lie.  

They talked and wondered how it was,

Then he and another left on the

Road to Emmaus.

Later was when he really knew

That long ago he was chosen as

One of the few.

For on the road to Emmaus

They came upon a man who

Was the risen Jesus.

This life was changed for evermore,

Knowing that Jesus had risen

And made the score.

This may have not been one that was,

But it could’ve been, it could’ve been,  

The life of the man called Cleopas. 


Emmaus by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                    Luke 24:13-16

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