In the horror of it all, truth declared.

As death’s darkness falls, life repaired.

Sins are confessed, forgiveness the request,

Hope manifests, and the soul seeks success,

When death comes.


Struggles for life given up, no reason to lie.

All life poured from the cup, truth will be known when we die.

Life’s work poured out, what we planted must sprout,

Leave no one to doubt, and all our foes we must rout,

When death comes.


A last word to be spoken, time is gone.

Aren’t all ties broken, at farewell’s song?

A dying declaration, words of memorialization,

Extreme not just infatuation, isn’t all lost without celebration,

When death comes?


At death, truth must be given, no exception.

Who can say “He is risen”, without deception?

Jesus died knowing, His love showing,

In blood’s pouring, His word bestowing,

When death came.


Truth is found upon the cross, forgiveness of sin.

Life is found not lost, eternity the prize to win.

The declaration of the dying, all truth, no lying,

A paradise instead of crying, and hope to last breath’s sighing,

As Jesus died for us.


In the horror of it all, all is revealed.

As death’s darkness falls, nothing can be concealed.

His dying declaration, truth and revelation,

No long dissertation, just a promise of celebration,

When Jesus turned death into life for all who believe.



  Dying Declaration by Ronhales                                                                                       Luke 23: 43

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