D R I V E    O N







It wasnít the rocky, slow traveling over a dusty trail that I sought after;

And it wasnít the occasional cloud-burst

That brought terrifying strikes of lightening,

And so much rain that flash floods became a threat,

As we trudged through the now muddied mire of our path,

That causes me to plod along;

And it wasnít the back-breaking, sun-baking,

Throat-scorching days of inching forward,

Only to go into a night of freezing, Supper-less, sleepless hours,

That I came into this place;


It is the meadow that is seen from the over-look off the ridge,

The river which runs rich with the source of future homes,

Future crops, future lives,

And the abundance of provision found in the forested valleys,

That has made me work so hard,

In order to receive such treasure.


My soul yearns for Heaven;

My spirit longs for the presence of our Heavenly Father;

My entire being desires to linger in the midst of Godís radiant warmth;

And this lifeís journey is worth the effort it takes

To see us arrive there.

You are my strength, O Lord, You will see me through.

The glory of Thy Kingdom awaits those who seek after Your eternal riches.

Life is given by You,

After this life is served in working for You.


Heavenly roads will be paved with gold,

Accessible, smooth, unencumbered,

So what is a few more earthly roads

That we yet need to trudge a crossed?

Drive us on, O Lord, drive on.

Thy final rest is worth struggles of this earth,

So I will drive on, O Lord, I will drive on.


  Drive On by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                                            Hebrews 12: 1-2

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