In my dreams                                                                                                         Dreams where Iím having dreams

Strange things occur                                                                                               Dreams of glorious cookies and cream

I see things that I just canít explain                                                                          Dreams of showering in a refrigerator

Friends of long ago appear,                                                                                    And having church on a nuclear radiator

Peering out at me as I walk beside their airplane

Scrambled pictures                                                                                                 Useless thoughts that take up time while we sleep

Garbled words                                                                                                       Worthless beyond a shallow step

Meaningless things in my head                                                                                 Nothing that goes very deep

Ideas that go by in a hurry                                                                                       Movies played out in our mind

While I toss around on my bed                                                                                Just part of an average good nightís sleep


But wait, much more Iíve found                                                                               Abraham was given grace

comes from these snapshots of visions                                                                      Jacob saw Heavenís door

flashing across our minds                                                                                         Daniel explained what

Long ago nations were led and leaders directed                                                        And Mary was given deliverance

By these Angel-delivered messages brought during sleeping times                              For the human race  

In God the Father                                                                                                     I donít know what it means

Through Jesus Christ the Savior                                                                                When through my mind rampant runs wild

Dreams and visions can be a photo album of things to come                                      But I believe that by a dream-given word

A pouring out of blessing and favor                                                                           Born to this world was the Christ child

Pray for peace in Israel                                                                                         Pray for rest and comfort

Pray for the salvation of Jerusalem                                                                         Pray for sleep that is eternal

Pray for miraculous thoughts                                                                                 Pray for Angels to visit

That by dreams give us wisdom                                                                            From a Heavenly Father so paternal  


                                                                Pray for the nightís security

                                                            Relief from torments and tension

                                                          And always pray for a special word

                                                        Given to us in Godís dreams and visions


Dreams by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                                        Proverbs 3:24

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