Marvels of downtown;

Roaring traffic

Smells of the ovens

Laughter, singing, shouting

Glimmering lights

Streaming flags

Beaming glass

And oh, the reflections

Trees in the windows

Shadows on the sidewalks

High-rise against the granite

Paintings in the mirror

And oh, the breaking sunshine

Through the doorways

Across the highways

Down the alley

Into the streets

Over the parks

And oh, the fountains of springing water

Flowing in waves down the steps

Spilling over the edge

Dripping off the flower vase

Sprinkling around the planted grass

Cascading through the sculptures

Falling past the rocks

And oh, the rain upon the mountains near

Breath-taking from every view

Angled on the horizon

In harmony with the buildings

At ease among the shops

Their trails parallel the roads

And oh, their reflections on downtown.

What marvels there are in this glorious downtown;

It lives on its beauty, it thrives from its people

Life flows in its beauty

Thank God for downtown

And the marvel He gives.


Downtown by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                Read:       John 5:20

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