D E F I N E    M E




The righteousness in me, who can see?

The way I behave, who can say?

All that is mine, who can define?

When darkness comes upon me, is it righteousness I see?

Alone how do I behave when struggles set my way?

And when my life is defined, do I want to claim it as mine?


Feed the poor, but what good is it?

Care for the injured, but who pays for it?

Keep from sinning, but what change comes from it?


Define my life O Lord.

Stretch me, polish me, and make me Thine own.

The struggles that I confront, cause them to be worthwhile.

The darkness that comes, produce righteousness and light.

The change I need, bring it to pass.


Refine me O Lord.

Grind me. Pound me. Mix me with your ingredients.

I want my life defined.

I desire to be changed.

I long for a legacy of love.


Make my heart new O Lord.

In Your hands bring Your heart into mine.

Make darkness turn to light.

Make sin be changed for righteousness.

Turn resentment to caring.


Define me O Lord.

May Your love shine through me.



  Define Me by Ronhales                                                Read:          Daniel 12:10

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