In death we dare, and how we deal to those that care?

In death we dare. Where is the loss?  The cost?

And what said in the dying stare?

Could not I leave if unleashed?

Is freedom at the door from this curse?

Now that my fate is near,

Do I find that this is all,

Or is there still to come the worst?

In death we dare.

No more pride.

No more hesitation.

Bare all.  Say all.

If words can forgive, is the heart free?

Sink beneath the world despair. Rise above all heavenís voice.

Where I go, then I will believe.

But wait, one last breath yet to breathe,

Is death to dare?

Surely not the task I wish to bare.

To this I am sure,

Death is here.

Yet, are my questions unheard?

Are my ears deaf to an answer?

Of Deathís clothes, I now wear.

O God, my spirit flees!

Restrain me from its flight!

For home it seeks, but runs afar.

O God, my Lord, I do confess.

In sin I lived, but now ask forgiveness

In my last regard.

To death not dare,

For no power does it hold.

No throne. No voice. No crown.

Yet it comes and takes away.

Taken the chance to live.

Ripped away a hope to serve.

Tears of sorrow so abound.


So to God we dare? Never! He holds the keys!

To Him believe. His Word cannot be budged.

In death to dare then, is only death.

The second death will come.

So to God believe, and give up this dare of death,

Before to Him, you are judged.


Death To Dare by Ronhales                                                                                                                     1 Corinthians 15:56-57

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