One on the other

Then two, then another

Four, five, and more

Stacked by ones, by twos, then four

The cry is to stop, …. “Stop the gore!”

“Bigger”, “dig the hole bigger”, is the call.

“Make more room”.

"Go faster", "keep up", "You can not rest"

“Continuing is your doom”


Black is the death

Discolored the faces

Where do they come from

All from different places

Carried from far

To this burial fire

Stacked one way, then the other

“Light this Pyre”

Wings are scorched of scattered birds ... Vultures on the carnage

Engulfed in flames, no hope to fly ... gone forever the message

Darkened sky, billowed smoke, climbing higher, opening Hell’s door

“Pile them on”, Satan calls “more”, “Don’t stop”, “Don’t stop the gore”

Little does he know, as vultures wait near, Death is dead!

Bodies, the result from Death’s onslaught, but unto his death, Satan’s led.


Death unto death, the message of Satan is clear

He is called Death and into all, he has put his fear.

Purposed for sure to bring all to himself,

And by death we do come to Death,

So, hide yourself!


Death is lurking for attack,

He desires each of us.

All is lost, and Death will win,

Except, by way of Christ Jesus.


Death Is Dead by Ronhales                                                                                                     Isaiah 8:19

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