A day of breezes has come to me,

The soothing softness of a cool refreshment in the summer’s sun,

That which carries a torn leaf to its final rest,

Cushions me, giving peace and satisfaction to my weariness.


As the lid to darkness’s pot is lifted

And striped ray’s of a glowing orb cascade forward to the fullness of a new day,

A breath rides companion, announcing the faithfulness of this steadfast star,

“Awake you sleeping buds!”  “Stir you stagnant seas!”

And compliant, I rouse myself to these breezes of the day.


Torn inside from troubled times, anxious from worries of my place,

 I am pulled by the cares I seem to bare, and lay restrained in torment.

But opened to the window over harvest upon my room,

I am lifted, and take flight by the breezes of the day.

Like the hands of many angels, as certain as new words from a confident mouth,

A blanket secure drapes over me, and appeases my soul.

“Come and feel my comfort”, is spoken like the voice of God.

“Open the ears to your heart and welcome me”, enters my morning’s scene.

Then like the hurrying of a bird passing over me,

I spread my own wings to feel the breezes of the day.


Across the drifting sands and through the fashioned trees,

Upon the flanks of mounting cliffs, and down the valley slopes,

A wisp of pleasant touch comes before us all

And declares a freshness within the dawning day.

Gentle breezes come my way, and by God’s Word I am adorned,

For by the touch upon my flesh that a morning breeze may sooth,

It is the reading of the Holy Word that brings constant breezes only my spirit may know.


So to these daily breezes, I pray O Lord, continue to abound,

For my soul rejoices and is made afresh

When upon it Your Day Of Breezes is certain to come.



 Day Of Breezes by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                                    Job 33:4

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