Typical of what the mind can do, Iím awash with thoughts of unworthiness.

Why canít I be better?  Why donít I meet everybodyís expectations?

Why arenít you satisfied with me?  Why canít I please you?

Why canít I do anything right?


These are the thoughts that dangle as chains from my head.

They bend me over and try to break my very source of existence.

Blood is that source, and in the blood is the answer.

For these chains of mine are broken by the dangling blood of the cross.


On the cross, Jesus had every chain placed upon Himself.

My chains were miraculously taken from me and placed upon the head of Jesus.

As miraculously, these chains of mine mingled into the blood being shed by Jesus.

All the dangling chains of mankind were added to the head of Jesus.

And all the dangling chains mingled into the blood of Jesus.


As death came, the blood changed the dangling chains.

The dangling chains, of blood, were shed, and went into the depths.

By death, my chains were removed.

By blood, they are forever gone.

Jesus died to take my chains.

But Jesus rose to live forever.

And He takes me to be with Him forever.


By Him, I am worthy, for He is The Worthy One.

No more doubt.

No more questions.

The answer is given by the dangling chains of blood.

Gone forever are these chains of mine.

And I live forever in Jesus.

Gone are the dangling chains of my life.

Gone forever in the name of Jesus, by His blood.

Praise His Name.  Praise the Name of Jesus.



  Dangling Chains by Ronhales                                                                                                   Psalm 107:14

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