C R Y S T A L    B A L L 




Look into your crystal ball, O Satan

And tell me what you see.

Does the pit engulf you as you fall eternally?


Can you see your catch as the net is drawn in?

Did you know that was your last cast,

That you will be casting?


Gaze at your future.

Come close and stare.

What else do you see it declare?

Were your false miracles enough?

Or does your forever burning

Tell what’s there?


Hold the sphere in your hands

And rub it vigorously.

Do the visions change,

Or are you still drowning with fire internally?


You marveled at your own might,

You adored your own beauty,

You declared yourself a god,

Is that what you once saw?


But all there is now, as you so intently view,

Is a reflection of eternal death by damnation,

And that reflection,

Is of you!



  Crystal Ball by Ronhales                                                                                                                               Revelation 20:10

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