Let’s go cruisin’ with God!!                                                                     Let’s go cruisin’ with God!


It’s not like the cruisin’ in the good ole days,                                                He’ll guide our way 

It’s certainly not the kind to pick up Gays,                                                   To hearts He’ll save;  

For the meaning of cruisin’ has changed,                                                      But we’ve got to be on the streets,   

Just like the word gay is re-arranged.                                                           In order to cover the assigned beats!


Although in a sense it’s searchin’ for a pickup,                                             Slip the clutch and spin the tire,

But, instead of riding in one, souls are lifted up.                                            We’re gonna set some souls on fire!


So jump on in and get ready,                                                                       Don’t miss this date,  

You’re about to be pinned by your steady.                                                   And we’re stayin’ out late! 

Once declared as a chosen one,

Buckle up to race with the Son!


Come on, Let’s go cruisin’ with God!!


We’re makin’ every stop,

Drive-in and shop;

There’s plenty of room,

Runnin’ without the top;

And the road’s clear,

All the way to the hop!


Let’s go cruisin’ with God!!

Cruisin’ With God by Ronhales                                                                                                            Selah   

                                                                                                                    Genesis 5:24

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