How many tries did it take?

Broken wings and busted rings.

And how many tries do I get?

Hammered gold cut too short, or nails driven too deep.

Would God allow a broken first cut?

Would so many tries for perfection be His way?


I wonder, what did it take to make it right?  What will it take for me?

It must be perfect. 

It must be made exact to Godís specifications.

It must be obediently prepared, perfect, for God to dwell within.

But how many chances will He give?


By Christ Jesus, perfection was made.

Through Jesus, the first was the best.

God Himself ensured the task would meet His expectations, specifications.

God Himself ensured it, for He worked grace by His own hand.

By Jesus Christ, this same Hand casts my fate.


My life in Him is made perfect,

Complete in God, for God, by His Holy Spirit, which lives in me.

And in this, like The Ark, God will live in me and meet with me.

Yes, like The Ark, Godís covenant is made for me through Jesus.

Jesus is my Craftsman, He makes us perfect in the sight of God.

Crafted by sacrifice, perfected by redemption, Godís covenant dwells in me.


How many tries?  Just one.  Jesus.

Through Him, I am made perfect the first time.

The Covenant is Jesus.

By Him, all things will now be possible.

Thank You Dear Lord Jesus.



  Covenant by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                              Colossians 1:28

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