C O L O R S   O F   L I G H T



Deep is the passion blue, green the rippling waves of envy,

And forbidden black, a depthless dark,

Is the heart which holds no love.

In the eye, colors are known,

Named each one.

Even to lusts and emotions,

Colors are teamed,

But to an empty heart,

Only darkness.

Blind is the heart that holds nothing.

Void is it.

Sightless and without vision, without knowledge of beauty,

Is the empty heart.

A storage trunk whose lifted lid shines light, but for only a moment,

Is at least filled with light for a time.

But a heart that is filled with darkness, has no light,

It is filled with only things of darkness.

Worse is this heart than an empty trunk.


Break the dark hearts of this world, O Lord,

So that Your light may shine in them.

Expose darkness and place Your beauty of light in its place.

Your Light, with all the colors of the spectrum,

You, the marvelous and beautiful Colors Of Light,

By grace, will fill the vacant heart.

Darkness will flee and beauty will reside within,

When the Light Of Jesus comes in and restores the broken hearted.


Can you lift the lid of your heart to Jesus?



  Colors Of Light by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                               Luke 11:35-36

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