Some people collect stamps, others collect stamp pictures.

Then there are antique collectors, that deal in finding old fixtures.


I do a coffee pot,

While some collect the coffee.

There are candy dish specialists, and those that just like the toffee.


To be a collector, it takes three.  It can be junk, or anything.

So what's the worth of what we've found?

Does it just slip away, or will it cling?


Have you found Jesus yet?  Get the set with the Three In One;

God the Father, Holy Spirit, and then with Jesus, the prize is done.


Keep seeking till Heís found.

Life eternal is worth it.

But donít look in the wrong places, search out your own heart,

And donít quit.


Collect the things of God!

Love, that is.  Joy, peace and grace.

Show these to others,

And Heíll collect us,

When we see His face.



  Collecting by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                           1 Peter 1:2

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