In a small town of wood built frames

Where imprints of God rises high above,

I cherish the breath of Jesus Christ

Which lingers in my soul with love.

I’m thankful for my eyes giv’n by God

For they overflow with beauty surpassed by none,

Then from the rock bluffs of the high plateau

I see God unto the depths where the rivers run.

Blue of an ever-present sky

Knows no clouds that would cascade over me,

And a dress of brown like ladies skirts

Wear on hills as far as I see.

I know God from this place that I ride

Each time I pass through year after year after year,

For His created pleasures I do meet

As the faithful come to this Circuit Rider’s cheer.

“Come everyone and worship God”

Is the steadfast call from most sincere lips.

“See the glory of God that surrounds”

A cry on all these annual trips.

Praises to God is the message preached

By every Circuit Rider’s Bible teaching call,

And throughout the valley and mountain tops

The Word of God reaches the listening ear of all.


Into this modern day and time

The new Circuit Rider’s call has not changed,

For the whole world has become the place

That once was but a frontier range.

“Reach out to Jesus” the common call

As the unchanged message of salvation is taught

And as evident by lives that find Him

The Word’s the same that every Circuit Rider brought.



  Circuit Rider by Ronhales                                                                                                                                                                              Hebrews 7:21

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