Christmas  Colors 



Christmas lights were in my dreams as I fell asleep to their flickering beauty in the window.  Flying through the different colors, drifting in their streams, floating on each colored ray, I was taken to a warm comfort, where sleep served its offering.  Gently my eyes closed their doors to life, and opened to dreams of Christmas, beautiful, colored Christmas.


Notice the green of the lighted forest.  Stolen for a time from its planted home and delivered to every place opened to this Christmas time.  Multiplied so many times, the forest brightens across every street, every window, every decorated tree.  The color of green, lighted so brilliantly, glows on all who pass by.  To each eye, a smile ignites, and then taken in thought to that time of visiting the great forest in the country.  Trees reaching to the sky, with shadows long and forbidding.  Smells of lush freshness.  Blanketed floor of green comes into view.  How fun it was!  How much joy was there!  Every green bulb that is seen, rings out these wondrous thoughts.  How glorious the green of Christmas is.  The Christmas color of green is unmatched. But red, oh, the red of Christmas.  See the victory of this Christmas color!  Like a star bursting its presence to earth, it holds the glow of eternal warmth.  Never to die, always living, always burning bright.  It is a signal that brings an everlasting memory.  A signal never lost, always directing, always guiding.  Remember the red packages so fun to unwrap.  The eyes of joy, wondering what they’ll see.  Remember the sounds of rustling as red hats worn are taken off, and red jackets placed, and red scarves and gloves thrown as a family will soon share a bountiful meal stacked on the table near the red candles lighted for display.  How wondrous this Christmas color of red is.  How great it is!  But yellow, oh, the yellow.  A piece of the sunbeam’s glow.  A golden nugget, most precious.  Light that reminds us all of everything that we have done, and will do.  Yellow of a little girl’s hair as she sits near the fire waiting for the story of Christmas to be read.  Yellow of the candle light giving hope that through the night all will be well.  What a wonderful Christmas color yellow is.  But blue, how I so adore blue.  There can be nothing to compare with the luxurious color of blue.  Imagination only begins when blue is looked in to.  Endless, magnificent is the depth.  Look at the endless sky, or the bottomless sea, or the pricelessness of a glimmering diamond, or the wealth of a sparkling eye.  A depth so deep, even imagination can not fill it.  The stars twinkling in a cloudless night.  Icicles formed from centuries of fallen snow.  That is blue.  The Christmas color of blue.  What a wondrous color!  With every lighted blue, now seen across the decorated string, a memory in me is touched, a thought recalled.  Not just any thought, but a thought remembering that a child was born to the world at Christmas.  This is when the Christ-child was born, and at that time a star was placed over Him, a star unlike any ever seen.  Bright, deep, eternal, and very, very blue.  Bluer than the blue sky during the day.  Bluer than any luster of any star shining during the night.  It was blue for its purity.  It was blue for its eternal glory.  It was blue for its clarity of announcing with distinction, the glory of God’s coming son.


Of the Christmas colors, blue is my favorite.  For it was chosen of God to tell the world the Messiah had come, Jesus Christ is born.  This is the same Jesus who saved me from sin and gives me eternal life through him.  No other color for Christmas can provide that kind of joy to me.


I have dreamed of Christmas.  I have slept in the colors of Christmas.  I rested in the comfort of contentment, and have played in Christmas colors.  Now I must wake to a dawning sky.  Tonight I will dream of other things.


Christmas Colors by Ronhales                                                                                                                                  Luke 2:12-14

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