CANYON   OF   FEARLost we are in the canyon narrows, seeking the flight of the cliff-dwelling sparrows.

Eyes darting while watching for the falling rocks, shadow-seeking to find that all-day sun block,

Heat blisters against the scaling shale walls, we wander aimlessly in these narrow canyon halls.

Likewise we stretch and stretch and stretch our narrow minds,

Trapped within our selfish daily grind.

Narrow canyons of narrow minds everyday of each of our days,

Undirected we go into the undiscoverable and impossibility of our mental maze.

Lost in canyon narrows of narrow minds, we wander in mental mazes in our daily selfish grind.

What a path we have found! What a purpose to which we are bound!

Weíre trapped and canít see that the end is near! Weíre trapped in our very own canyon of fear.


Fallen I came upon this place, fallen Iíve landed flat on my face.

But while I climbed I found an easier route, only to end in this narrow shadow of doubt.

Death hovers in a Vulture way, snakes huddle waiting to strike from their cave,

The Jackal follows to feast on my bones, and the ant scavenges whatís left to its home.

Iím trapped in this narrow canyon of fear, and my enemies push me to the end with a cheer.

O God where am I going and what do I do?

My days are numbered and there are but left a few.

Iím lost in canyon narrows of my narrow mind,

And there is nothing left but to grind and grind and grind.

Canyon narrows in a narrow mind,

Where is the peace I hoped to find?

Where is the understanding that was to be so clear?

Yet all Iíve done is fall into this canyon of fear.

O God! O God! O God!  My fear is all around me.

Can you rescue me?  Will you rescue me?  O God do you hear me?


Lift us O Lord from our canyon narrows of our narrow minds.

Take us out of our canyon of fear where we land at times.

You are our only hope O Lord from this scorching death,

Revive us and breathe into us your life-giving breath.

Bring us out Dear God from our canyon of fear,

And draw us near to you, so very, very near.

Banish us from canyons of fear and take our hopeless case.

You are our only hope, I pray O Lord, You are our safe place.

Lift us out of this canyon of fear and draw us near O Lord to You.

In You O Lord I will dwell, in You I am made new.

With you all fear is cast out, by you there is no shadow of doubt.

I am lifted up by your hand, up and onto a new land.

Praise you Lord, you lift us from our canyons of fear

And draw us so near to you, so near.

Thereís no end to you and your love.  In you we are made new.

All things pass away, but you and all things in you are made new.

Praise the Lord.  Praise the Lord.


Canyon Of Fear by Ronhales                                                                                                   Read:         Psalm 23:4

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