Strips on my walls and ribbons on my ceilings

Reflections in my doors and wandering in my feelings


Where have I come from and is that how Iím here?

The windows are covered but before me is near


Reach into the open and take only what you have

Exit to the corner then give out to those that grab


Hang a broken tree from the secrets of my room

Call a Bride to suffer in salvation of her Groom


My heart was lost to death in tombís unholding power

Far trenched in evilís curse now arose Godís greatest hour


Jesus brought The Word a message plainly read

His blood the drink and His bodyís in the bread


From everyplace to everywhere

My look I glean from Him

There is no other view

But by His crossís limb


Heís never forsaken

Toward eternal life behold

This glory of God

Unto Jesus Christ unfold


By His Crossís Limb by Ronhales                                                                                                                          Hebrews 12:2

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